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About us


My Pearline Oyster Shopping Mall was originally created to sell pearl jewelry. I was born in June. Pearls are the designated gems for the month of June. I wrote my first book in "The String of Pearl" series in 2014 titled, "Pearl the Little Light that Shines." So this shopping mall was centered around all things pearl.

Since then I've moved away from retail merchandising of pearl jewelry mainly because my suppliers changed and my time was taken up elsewhere. 

I now am focusing on building up my Gladstone Reading Cove, the online bookstore carrying the books of my author clients and myself.

I hope you continue to visit us online and purchase and support the authors and their merchandise associated with their books.

I am looking at 2023 to find local jewelry stores who will partner with me in the sales of their pearl products.

Deborah Wilson Smart
Author, Publisher and Publishing Strategist for
One Smart Lady Productions